Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well I haven't written anything up lately so I thought I would jump on and do something. So lately I have had some revelations, things like, life is a bitch (one I think I've known for a while.), why drink yourself stupid, and health is important.

Life really seems to like kicking you while your down, I'm sure we all have experienced this feeling, which brings to mind a saying, "its not about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, life will knock you down to your knees and keep you there if you let it." Which got me to thinking, "why do some of us make it to a happy and fulfilling life, while others dont?" Alot of us will push because we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately there are those who cant because they feel they havent got the power to push through. So remember no matter what what life throws at you keep moving forward, we all have the power, there is something more, bigger and better. Noone ever said life would be easy.

Lately iI have also come to recognise you dont need alcohol or any drugs to have a good time, I personally dont want to drink myself blind, it is a waste of money and a waste of my life. dont get me wrong I wont cut it out completly, I still like having a cold one after a hard days work or on a nice day. I also like to drink with friends, but its the company I enjoy not the drug. I have seen people crab walking due to alcohol abuse and they love it, but I dont want to later in life have memories of me wasted during the best years of my life, I no longer want to deter my future and what I could have for some artificial happiness.

Thinking about all of this got me to change my lifestyle, no longer spending my spare time on a couch, or in a bed sleeping. Now I would much rather be outside Doing something to better my life and get rid of old nasty habits. Just a bit of commitment and a bit of exercise can improve so much. This doesnt mean it has to cut into your personal life, I still enjoy going to the cinema and enjoying a movie or having some drinks with friends. just imagine the possibilities.

With this I leave you to ponder.
Axel "Foley" Ojeda

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Top Gear and Stupid

So some new news for everyone, this Saturday was pretty busy. I got up early to go pick up my uncle Gerry so we could go to Sydney to go watch Top Gear Live. we got in to sydney at 12 ish and went up 4 levels of parking spots to find nothing and have to park at the very top in the sun on a 44 degree day. So we went in had some lunch, and walked around looking at cars for about 2 hours till the show started. The show was quite good I spent a good amount of time laughing, not sure if it was worth $250, then again we did have good seats. the only down side was that the wanker from Top Gear Australia was there too. We ended up arriving back in the berra at about 7ish. Once again I left home at 8pm to go out. went an picked up Sit and Kelly and went to the Multicultural festival. W e stayed for a bit, then went back to Sit and Kelly's house for a bit of a chill out. Went home at 12am and slept till morning came.
On another term, i want you to think of your luck. Have you ever done something so stupid that you see your doom staring you in the face, but some how you manage to escape unharmed and in shock of how you escaped that. Think about it, its important.

till next time, peace out.
Axel "Foley" Ojeda

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well today we are all going to learn what really pisses me off, more than stupid drivers.
I can't stand it when you tell people something and they feel they can spread it further. On countless occasions people ask me a personal question and I in trust give them an answer, this DOES NOT mean you can tell other people however it be. I mean its not for you to comment on if I wanted you to I would let you know that you can! This to me is the same and going around and talking about someone behind their back which is not a desirable attribute. Which has also happened several times and those people have lost all my respect.
Well anyways on to some good news aswell, yesterday I stayed back at work a little longer so I could fit my new rear bar since the last one was damaged. It didn't take too long, but still needs a little more customizing for a perfect fit, and it is also missing a chrome strip I have to buy too. for those of you who havn't seen my car there is a picture up top.

till next time, and I hope seome of you have learnt something!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

burnt like a summer bbq

stardate delta 1.2.2009 omega

Okay so i got back from the coast today, i left friday arvo with rachel and michelle following me in another car, we arrived close to 9pm got our stuff from the cars and then sat down with a drink to relax and get in coast mode. about half an hou later brett and daniel arrived in an other car.
the first night was more of a just chill and relax session which ended up with a jog someone else as sick as a dog. So saturday morning came round so i thought i would go get some stuff for breakfast.
got back and started making bacon eggs and sausages on the bbq. so breakfast finished and we headed to the beach, we got there and as usual i put SOME sunscreen on, went into the water which was really nice for a 31 degree day, got out and thought i would have a small power nap, this lasted for like 5 minutes till rachel thought it would be funny to pour samd on me ( this was not funny i dont like sand). then the chase started and lasted for 20 minutes. after this i went back to relax on my towel, i was there for a good hour or maybe more. went back in to the water quickly before lunch, later that day rachel and michell left to come back to the berra. then a bbq dinner some movies and to bed. today was simple breakfast, clean up and then back home

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the start of something great or lame

star date: alfa 29.1.2009 mega

well i was told that apparently im an interesting guy and that i should spend some of my time data logging my days. by "interesting" i mean have a special way of thinking, dont go crazy i dont have any mental issues or anything im just smarter that ur average bear.
okay so i see my self as a pretty angry guy, well i get pissed off pretty easily, this usually happens when im on the road more often than not. one of the things that really annoys me are people who put the blinker on 300m before they turn or who dont know how to turn it off. also while im on lights i was in the car with my uncle juan the other day and there was someone behind us with theyre high beams on which got pretty irritating, when they decided to turn them off they didnt go down to normal low beams no, they went to theyre parker lights which illuminate like nothing at all, just enough to se a spark. its kinda stupid i think if u dont know how to opperate the car properly dont drive.
anyways right now im in bed waiting to get a little tired so i can sleep and its 1:55 am. tomorrow im off to tech again which is kinda lame cos i tend to sleep through most of it yet i still seem to pass (everyone says to me "imagine if u paid attention!") anyways i get like 2 hrs of break up in total which now is kinda lame too cos we are having some pretty hot days, my car gets boiling hot and i burn my back on the seat, my hand on the handbrake and shifter.
so yeah i think that will do for now some of u have wondered what goes through my head wel with this blog u will soon know just dont get ur hopes up.

axel out.